Extra Inspiration!

See that Flickr link down on the right? I posted pictures from an abandoned building! Get inspired for your next dystopian!

And to see better pictures, you MUST check out Laura's post! They are AMAZING!


  1. Creepy! I'd hate to be there at night. You're a lot braver than I am!

  2. Jen, I assure you, we all agreed there was no way in hell we'd go in at night! We've learnt our lesson from horror films ;)

  3. The one thing I've learned from horror films: never go and investigate that strange noise outside. NEVER!

  4. And never say "I'll be right back."

  5. That is certainly a place I will never forget. ;)

    Great horror film advice! Ah, the life lessons that you can learn from films.

  6. Laura: It was certainly memorable!

    Horror films exist to teach us essential survival skills.


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