Creating a Universe

I'm a fan of story universes.  Take Marvel for instance and next summer's The Avengers.  I love how the different characters' stand-alone stories are coming together. Plus Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man is AWESOME and I can't wait to see him and Thor bromancing it up...but they better not be mean to the adorable Captain America!

Seriously, he's just lovely!

The idea that every separate story happens in the same universe is something I really love and kind of want to follow with my own work.  I have two pretty distinct ideas at the moment, and it's possible for them to exist in the same world with one being able to reference the other.  I *love* references... And getting them totally adds to my geek cred ;)

So, how do you feel? Stories exist in their own universes or all your ideas happen in one place and reference each other?


  1. I have never thought of stories existing in the same universe! But now that I think of it, that would totally be awesome. Thanks for the idea! :D I have always loved how each Marvel story relates to one another.

  2. This is totally what I'm all about. My writing efforts will probably look much like Terry Pratchett's. I will create my universe in as much depth as possible and will write many stand alone books set throughout the time and space of that universe.

  3. I've just started seriously toying around with this idea. In the past, I've always gotten so captivated with the MCs of whichever story I read first, that other stories in the same universe seem only mildly interesting by comparison. But I do have a couple ideas of my own rattling around now, so I guess I'll have to change my perspective! :)

  4. What an interesting idea! I think I write across too wide a range of genres at the moment to have them exist in the same universe, but I am intrigued by the possibilities!

    Also, I have left an award for you over at my blog next time you're there!

  5. Madeline: Marvel are so good at it, and so is the Star Trek universe. I love how Sisko of DS9 is a total Kirk fanboy. I just love the idea of stories weaving around one another.

    Sarah: Yes, exactly like that! One story could happen a hundred years after the other, but they occur within a universe sharing the same rules.

    Nicole: Sometimes I get so attached to a character I struggle to read on without them, but I love to see how the past can influence the future.

    Jen: Thank you so much! It's really made my day! And being intrigued is a good thing! It means the idea is always there, bubbling away on a slow boil.


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