Is that a saying the rest of the world uses? Crack on? Like "I'm gonna crack on with my editing"... or do you now think I'm a drug addict?

The only Coke I do is Diet! ...Actually, Coke Zero.  Or Pepsi Max... Or just tea... I digging a deeper hole here?

ANYWAY, wow!

Now that I am home, it's time to crack on with editing.  I work in a school so I'm on the summer holidays and therefore have lots of time to get stuff done.  I'm hoping to finish up my round of big picture edits within the next 2 weeks.  Then I can attack the rewrites (my final battle needs MOAR EXPLOSHUNS!) and bring the word count up a bit.  After that, I'll print out another copy and do THE MIGHTY EDIT involving lots of colours and huge quantities of notes-to-self.

I'll be chuffed with myself when I get all that done!


And seeing as I've got loads to do, I've decided to stick with my holiday posting schedule. It seems to be working pretty well!


  1. I've never heard that expression used over here in the US. I've never heard "chuffed" either. What does that one mean?

  2. Sarah: Chuffed means proud. If someone says "I'm chuffed to bits" or, as I'm more likely to say, "I'm well chuffed!" they mean "I'm so pleased with myself!"

  3. Good luck! Sounds like a great plan. It's always fun to edit...then painful...then fun again. :)

  4. Nicole: I've definitely been going through the fun/hate/fun/hate cycles with editing.

  5. Haha, "moar exploshuns". "Explode all the things!" Too funny!
    I have never heard "crack on" (although a coworker of mine is always saying we need to "bang out" paperwork--makes me uncomfortable) or "chuffed." I love learning slang from other regions. I never would've guessed "chuffed" means proud!

  6. Kris: Chuffed is one of my favourite examples of English slang. It's awesome.

    Excuse me while I giggle like a teenager over here. Oh, office-speak. I used to work in a nursery and when I was informed I was being "redeployed" I wondered if I'd accidentally joined the military.


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