The Writer and Reader's Essential Kit! 

I'm about to head off to Heathrow airport.  I'm flying out tomorrow morning, but not without my essential writing and reading items.  The best part of Transatlantic flights is having lots of time to read and work.

The travel journal was a lovely gift I received last week.  I can't wait to fill it!


  1. I hope the flight is smooth and full of all kinds of productivity in the writing and reading department! :D SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!

  2. What is that 8-12 hours? What a lovely block of time to read. Probably need a Kindle.

  3. Laura: I've definitely had worse flights, and this time I didn't go deaf upon landing!

    Jacqui: Adding flights and layovers, it was about ten hours. I finished one book and I'm halfway through another ^_^ I do have a Sony e-Reader, but I just prefer real books.


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