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Hooray, my first blogfest! It really suits my writing style too.  There are three questions to answer.  Click the image if you want to join in!

1. Name 3 of your favorite spec-fic stories (books, movies, tv shows, anything goes!)

Cloverfield – I loved the concept of this film. The idea of real life being flipped on its head is something I adore. And then watching how ordinary, non-super powered, totally clueless people cope is fascinating. Plus it's a JJ Abrams project ;) I'm quite the fan.

The X-Files – Possibly the first speculative series I ever saw, and the one that drew me into the genre. What's not to love about this classic show (except seasons 8 and 9?) I loved the paranoia and the good scares! It was sci-fi, it was horror, it was a thriller, it was a comedy and it was absolutely brilliant. I love to go back and watch it every so often and revel in nostalgia. And Scully is an awesome redhead. 


Fullmetal Alchemist – One of my favourite anime series. When I heard they were making Brotherhood, I was extremely happy. So, what do we have? An alternate world, alchemy rather than our science, a good pinch of philosophy and lots and lots of action. Also, fantastic characters with engaging histories. Plus the whole world is beautifully animated and the musical score is so perfect and emotive.

2. Then tell us why YOU love spec-fic – what plot line, character type, story trope, setting, time, place is your absolute favorite.

I love the freedom speculative fiction offers. I can write an adventure story set in the modern day and incorporate fantasy, sci-fi and horror elements.  I love using contemporary settings and spicing it up with lots of magic, super-powers and different technology. It's just so much fun! I love the genres speculative covers because my writing never quite fits into a single genre. It suits my crazy imagination.

3. And finally, take a guess if you can: where do you see spec-fic stories going in the next two, five, ten years? What will be popular and how will the sub-genres have changed?

I think speculative is the next big thing because it allows writers to explore the real world and its issues from a different angle. It's also helping authors break out of genres they don't quite fit. People will experiment more, taking from the various aspects of speculative to create something new. I also think we'll see a boom in steampunk novels, because more are becoming available all the time. I love the re-imagining of our history.

So, feel like answering the same questions? Swing by Wicked and Tricksy and join in!


  1. I'm a big X-files fan, too...and Fringe and Supernatural. :) Besides everything you mention, I always liked to see how the characters evolved and unfolded. Each episode revealed some new aspect of character or backstory. It seems like a no-brainer, but so few shows do that well these days.

  2. Nicole: The X-Files was fantastic for character development. Mulder and Scully are both such different people by the end, and you really feel they've grown. It makes them so believable, which is part of what makes speculative so readable. The setting might be complete fantasy, but the characters deal with issues we can all relate to.

  3. The X-Files! I haven't actually watched it, but I remember being scared by the intro as a kid. Which probably explains why I've never watched it.

    And FMA! One of anime's best. Though my favourite anime series will always be Mushi-shi.

    Spec-fic definitely allows for a lot of freedom and fun. But with freedom comes the added (and difficult) task of making your world seem believable and alive. I have great respect for writers who can do that.

  4. GK Jeyasingham: The X-Files is still scary, and that's why I love it! FMA is awesome. I can't wait to see the new film.

    I believe it's the characters that keep everything grounded. If they're dealing with issues that happen or could happen in all of our lives, the world will be believable.

  5. Love Cloverfield and was totally obsessed with X-Files. I like what you say about exploring issues in the real world through fantasy, I think that's so true and one of those subtle things we don't always realise is happening. I think you and I agree on the future of spec-fic, hop over to my blog and see...

  6. Angeline: Thank you for the watch! Looking at your post again, oh my gosh I LOVED Choose Your Own Adventure books too. I still have loads of them at home. And merging genres is the way to keep things new and exciting. It's nice to be in agreement with someone!

    Cloverfield is brilliant isn't it? The X-Files is absolutely classic.

  7. I like Cloverfeild too. The only problem was that the camera shaking was so bad that I got motion sickness and had to spend half the movie with my eyes closed. However, that was when I was watching it in the theaters on a 40ft screen so maybe watching it at home wouldn't be so bad.

  8. Taylor Roseberry: Thank you for following! Cloverfield is easier to watch on a small screen. And if that doesn't help, maybe try a motion sickness tablet so you can get through it. It's soooooo worth it!

  9. Thanks for the reminder that I wanted to watch Cloverfield! I'm a disciple of JJ Abrams myself, so that helps as well!

    I haven't seen any X Files or anime. I know, I know... I'm sorely lacking. I'll get around to them soon, I hope... I think I might start with The Last Airbender (the tv series)--I've heard great things about that series.

  10. TL Conway: JJ Abrams is the man! I can't wait for the next Star Trek film.

    The X-Files is classic 90s TV. Definitely watch it if you get the chance. As for anime, The Last Airbender technically isn't anime as it isn't Japanese, but it's a good place to start. I always say Cardcaptor Sakura is the best intro to anime. It's so adorable!

  11. Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my favorites too! Just brilliant characters and such an interesting story. The first anime series was all right, but brotherhood was definitely way better.

  12. Sarah McCabe: Isn't is amazing? I watched the original anime when it was on and thought it was amazing. Then Brotherhood came along and blew the original out the water. I *loved* it. I'm a huge Ed fan ^_^ Do you have a favourite?

  13. I have a soft spot for Roy Mustang. ;)

    By the way, you should add a follow widget so I can follow you. :)

  14. Sarah: Thanks for the tip! I've added one :D


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