Summer Plans

So, that's it! I am no longer an Early Years Practitioner.  In fact, I won't be returning to work until August 31st when I shall be a Nursery Teaching Assistant.

This huge gap is every writer's dream.  While I am heading out to the USA for a month next week, I will have plenty of time after gallivanting around the States to 1) continue remodelling my first manuscript and 2) get to grips with my new project.  I'm also going to spend lots of time walking to keep myself inspired.

Bring on the summer!

...well, at least it'll be warm in the US!


  1. And by "at least it'll be warm in the US" I hope you know that you mean "ugh, it's going to be unbearably hot and humid in the US"... ;)

  2. Laura, it's cold enough in Brighton right now to wear *Uggs*. In JUNE! I could use a day or two of unbearably hot!


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