Saturday Exercises - Missing Moments

Writing a missing moment means going back over your story and writing short pieces to fill gaps where the main plot take a break.  These moments won't make it into the final draft, but they are a fantastic way of tightening your grip on your characters or to smash writer's block.

Missing moments can be especially helpful early on in a project when you're developing characters' personalities, relationships and backstories.  The kind of missing moments you'll create will depend on what your main story is about.  If it's about two close friends facing adversity, you could go back to the moment they first met or an event that cemented their friendship.  If the main plot involves someone's first day at a new job, write the missing moment of how they found the job and why they applied. By writing missing moments, you're forcing yourself to create a history for your characters that causes them to be the people they are.

This exercise can also allow you to explore the characters in your story who aren't the narrator or primary focus.  You can retell a scene from their perspective, get into their head and, again, develop their personality.  Secondary characters have to be as real as the protagonist.  Make sure they're fully fleshed out and believeable.

You can write future events too, or squeeze in a moment where the main plot has a time skip.  Basically, wherever there's a gap, you can create an extra scene.

Make your moments as long as you like.  They can take on any form and don't have to reflect the style of the main story.  Experiment and have fun!


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