Plot Holes (With a Side of Midweek Motivator)

This is me falling into a plot hole:



My plot holes reveal 1) I never plan and 2) I write and forget what I've written. This is why drafting and editing is essential.

I uncovered an awful plot hole in my manuscript, one I completely missed on the first read through. Reading and editing one chapter at a time is helping me spot these things. I'm currently doing a broad edit (see this post) so it's all about the big picture rather than the nitty gritty of sentence editing.

So, in honour of my plot holes, there's only one song to post for today's Midweek Motivator!


  1. I came back to my first book after starting another one, and saw all kinds of holes. How did I miss those Big Questions before????

    And thanks for your comment on my RTW post--I've been debating whether to pre-order the next Dashner, or wait to get it at the library.

  2. Angelica R. Jackson: By focusing on the plot rather than sentence and word issues, all sorts of issues are making themselves known.

    No worries for commenting! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I absolutely loved the world Dashner created. Thanks for swinging by here.


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