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I am in the US! Yay! I am staying with the lovely Laura and at the moment I am chilling out hard at work on editing!

I have so many blog posts to catch up on.  Thanks to everyone who commented on my RTW post! Much appreciated.  Sorry for not getting to many of your blogs this week.  I didn't have access to the Internet at my hotel or either of the airports.

Today I'm going to share an alternate editing method. I located it in this book. Basically, I have a notebook and every double page spread is dedicated to a single chapter. Then I summarise each scene (as in every paragraph) and, by doing so, can really clearly see what's not needed. Every scene needs to move the plot along.  If it doesn't, it goes.

Putting my novel on my ebook reader lets me pretend I'm published

It's also helping me to focus on dialogue. My characters can become very chatty and what they're saying may be funny but it lacks significance. Cut, cut, cut!

I'm reading a chapter at a time, then deleting/rewriting in the main document. It's keeping me absorbed in the writing and I'm following the plot better and recognising the missteps.  


  1. I am so happy that you're here!!! :D

    Also, she really is doing some editing... just FYI. ;)


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