Getting Started Week Is Here!

Welcome to Getting Started Week! I'm going to post with ways to get yourself writing every day this week!


(Anyone who grew up in the UK in the 90s know who those two are and the TV series that spawned this *ahem* awesome piece of music. Thank goodness they go by their real names these days!)

Getting Started - The Warm-Up

If you want to write but you're not too sure if you've got a plot yet, keep a journal. Write about your day, your feelings, your ideas, your dreams, your fears... Just make sure you write, and make sure you do it every day. Not only will it get you into the habit of writing (by hand or typing, it's totally up to you!), but it will help you organise your thoughts into a narrative.  It's also a great alternative to free writing.

My first diary.  I kept it between the ages of 11 and 16

Reading is also really, really, really important. It's ancient advice, but the more the read, the more you'll pick up how a book works. The opening, the conflict, the solution and everything in between. Reading also helps expand your vocabulary! Finding what you love to read will lead you to what you want to write.

A beginner's writing class is another great way to pick up all the basics in a friendly and creative environment. It could trigger the BIG idea! I'm always going on about the awesomeness of writing classes, but for the *absolute* beginner, they're essential.

Follow writing blogs/groups/forums and link up with people also interested in writing.  A supportive network can really inspire you.

So, feeling warmed up? Great! See you tomorrow with the GREATEST ADVICE EVER (if I do say so myself, ha!)


  1. Great idea about keeping a journal! And ohhh, I bet the stuff in that first journal is adorable!!

    Reading to help with your writing is great advice too! I think it also helps you to figure out what you do and don't like in terms of writing styles... like that post you made before about when writers call characters by their professions. If you read a story where the author does that, and it bothers you, then you know that you don't want to use that style in your own writing!

    The greatest advice EVER?! Oh my gosh. :D

  2. Laura: That journal has some proper teenage angst in it! It's also jam-packed with old ticket stubs and photos, so it's really lovely to look back over.

    And yes, reading definitely weeds out your pet peeves.


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