Getting Started Week - Day Two (The Best Advice EVER!)

Are you all ready for the best writing advice ever?

No? Okay, go and prepare yourself.  Deep breaths, maybe a few stretches...


Here we go!

Simple advice equals the best.

So, here's the best advice ever:
Sit down this instant and write!

Seriously, it's the best advice ever.

Do not put it off, don't say "I'll start tomorrow!", stop reading this and start writing! Pick up a pen or open a blank document and WRITE.  Sit your posterior down and DO. IT. NOW!

If you are serious about writing, there is always time in your day to write, even if you scribble something while you're using the bathroom (YES, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!).  If you're convinced you can't make the time, then writing is probably not the thing you really want to do.  Writers have a need as well as a desire.  However, maybe my totally awesome advice up there will get you going!

If you want to write, do it! That blank page you're staring at ain't gonna fill itself! You've got writer's block? Write about that and how frustrating it is! You're not ready to write fiction? Write a journal.  You've got an idea but not sure what to do with it? Write about it anyway.  Saying you'll write but never getting it done will get you nowhere.  

This is the end of my post.  I hope you're heading off to write right now.


  1. Laura: Yeah, MOVE OUT AND WRITE! If only Jack Bauer were here...


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