Getting Started Week - Day Seven

For the last Getting Started post, I thought I'd offer a way to help create scenes.  You've got your characters and your plot, but now you need to create believable locations and atmospheres.

If you're setting action somewhere you're really familiar with, great! You'll know the tiny details and won't need to stretch yourself too much when recreating it on the page.

If your location is somewhere you know but are less familiar with, revisiting and taking lots of photos and notes is essential.  If it's a place you can't get back to easily, like somewhere you went abroad, find all the photos, maps and information you can from the Internet or books written about the place.  Make it realistic but not a lecture.

But, if your location is totally made up, use your imagination! My made up locations may be inspired by real places, but I make sure they're different enough to be a completely new place. 

Real or imagined, what really brings a location to life is the atmosphere.

Atmosphere can be a little harder to create, but I think I've found a way.

Sound-effect MP3s.  Lots of people have uploaded them to Youtube.  Your scenes need detail like the weather, the ambient noises and the smells to make them more life-like.  Listening to what your location sounds like really helps you engage with it as a writer.

And there we have it, the end of Getting Started Week.  I hope something in there, including the BEST ADVICE EVER, will inspire you to get started on a project!


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