Getting Started Week - Day Four

So, following on from yesterday's post about being the kind of writer who goes with the flow (like my awesome self), today I'm going to talk about those strange writer creatures known as "planners".

Okay, you're not strange.  You're just far more organised than I am!

Signs you might be a planner:

You can't start writing without an outline of what's happening, where it's happening and who it's happening to.  Plans keep you on the right path and, while you're prepared to be flexible, the plan you have creates the story.  You also have lots of character lists and detailed chapter outlines.  Basically, you create a road map for your story and you are going to stop off at certain points on the way from the beginning to the end.

If this method works best for you, congratulations! You are a Planner!

I hope all you planners have daily planners as cute as this one!

I do think planners make their lives easier for themselves (and probably don't have to cut 20,000 words out of their drafts), but I'm still a happy pantser camper.


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