Getting Started Week - Day Five

Distractions! They stop you from getting started. RISE ABOVE THEM!

I have the attention span of a gnat. Hop, hop, hop. New, new, new. Shinier and shinier! Here's the things I tend to do, even while I'm trying to write:

  • Youtube
  • Write a blog post
  • Read and respond to other blogs
  • Watch a film or TV on my other screen
  • Play videogames (seriously. Long load screens = writing time!)
  • Daydream

If you want to write, you've got to find a way to completely avoid your distractions. Believe me, the housework will wait and if you've got young children, well, as an early years practitioner, I believe a few hours a week in a nursery is very beneficial to their social skills!

To avoid digital distractions, I wrote my novel's first draft by hand. By not sitting at a computer, I got a lot done. Now I'm editing, I work away from home on Saturday mornings. Coffee shops, local libraries, the park; anywhere where accessing the Internet is not possible. When I'm at home, I flick the switch on the front of my laptop to disable its wireless connection. No Internet = more work completed.

Remove yourself from distractions. You'll be amazed at what a change of location or a change to your daily routine can do for your creativity!


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