When You're Worn Out

What do you do when you feel too worn out to write?


...Or, you could be honest with yourself, take the break you need, and trust yourself to return to your work when you're ready.  I used to feel so guilty if I took a day off because I was so afraid I wouldn't start again.  Realising I could trust myself to resume writing and stopping didn't mean quitting was a huge relief!

If it's a break of a day or so, go for a clean break and don't write at all.  Watch films, read, play videogames, just do something that isn't writing so you have a chance to relax.  If it's a longer break, like weeks or months, keep up the habit of scribbling notes down every so often to tick over. 

Everyone gets burnt-out, so never take it as a sign you should never write ever again. I know people say "writing is a business so treat it like a job and work work work" and I think that's true.  However! We all take sick days from our pay-the-bills jobs occasionally.  Can't we treat creative burnout like a sick day? I think so. Take some time off to recover!

Diet Cole + Sushi = Great Day Off!

How do you like to spend your days off?


  1. And sometimes after a bit of a break you come back feeling super inspired and can do even better work than before! :)

  2. Laura: So true! Pushing on isn't always the way to go.

  3. I take breaks like that from the stuff I do sometimes, too. Video games are my best breaktime therapy, and I might watch a movie if I have the house to myself (which is rare.) But I agree with the importance of a lil' down-time!

  4. myshu: Lovely to see you here. Videogames work really well for me too. I love having the house to myself too. It's very relaxing!


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