What I Really Really Want

....must resist urge to post Wannabe by the Spice Girls...

Sometimes I indulge myself and write exactly what I want even though it will never ever be published.  Last night I read something I wrote when I was thirteen and even though it's awful, I still remember how much fun I had writing it.

When you start thinking about getting published, writing can become a chore because you've got to get it done and start the hunt for an agent.  I think it's so important to take time out from your "serious" writing and have fun! I used to write fanfiction, but now I write snapshots or scenes that may or may not become something original and publishable someday.  Taking time out from my manuscript helps me not tear it to shreds during the editing phase too!

Relax and remind yourself writing doesn't always have to be hard work. However you do it, have fun!

...I have zero self-control...


  1. THAT SONG. I love it.

    Great advice, as usual! :)

  2. Laura: Doesn't it take you back to your childhood?

    Thanks! ^_^


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