Saturday Exercises - Write the Music!

This is a great writer's block buster.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about telling a photo's story.  Today, I'll share another of my favourite methods: writing music.

Not literally.  I don't mean compose the next 1812 Overture.  I mean listen to a piece of music, get a feel for it, then tell the story. Whatever the music feels like it's telling you, write that story.

I use music a lot when I write, finding music to suit scenes or characters, but this exercise is a slightly different way of doing it.  Instead of using the music to boost an existing idea, this exercise is all about turning notes into words.  It's a great way to get started or warm up if you've been struggling.

Here's a few suggestions for you all:

I love this one.  So haunting. (Ten <3!)

It starts off so mellow... ;)

Such a powerful song.  Love it.  Oh, the stories it will help you tell...

Hope this exercise helps!

If you have any exercise requests, feel free to ask!


  1. Good idea! I've never tried sitting down to purposefully write a song's story, but sometimes I hear a song and my mind just explodes with ideas!


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