Saturday Exercises - The End of the World Edition

So, here's the truth, I *love* post-apocalyptic stories.  I'm currently addicted to The Walking Dead and cannot wait for new episodes.  Meanwhile, I shall consider getting my hands on the comics.

And then I heard all about the imminent end of the world on the BBC.

If this is the last post I make, it's been fun everyone! Cheers for reading!

As such, I thought it'd be fun to offer an exercise based on the end of the world.  Ready?

You and a group of five others are the only survivors of an apocalyptic event of your choice (zombies, woo!).  You've got an hour to escape your town/city/village/hamlet/office block/school/university campus/wherever before a mysterious army destroys everything!!!! How will you get out? What will you do afterwards? What's happening to society? HOW LONG CAN YOU SURVIVE?!?!

I'm ready to take down the undead. (Photo by Laura Kitto)

Have fun!


  1. Finally, the Rapture! I've been waiting for this for so long. Let's hope it's done right:


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