RTW: And the most inspiring person is...

Today's Road Trip Wednesday question at YA Highway is "Who in your life has most inspired your writing?"

For me, there isn't single person but rather a group of people who, whether they've realised or not, have helped me on my way.

So, instead of an Ode to one person, have a list:

My mum and my granddad for reading to me before I could read myself.  Hearing stories from a very young age helped.  I now read to my nursery children, hoping to inspire them in the same way.

My teachers who taught me to read in infant school.

My year six teacher who knew I wanted to be a writer and, in a card he gave me on my last day, wrote "I can't wait to read your first novel!" (Mr Batstone, I hope you're still waiting!)

Philip Pullman, for writing Northern Lights.

My year eight English teacher, who I had again in sixth form, for reading a story I wrote.  Miss Dent, you're a legend!

The friends I made through writing who continue to support me.

I really hope one day, by being published, these people (except my old granddad, but maybe he could see the future!) will be able to see how much they've inspired me.


  1. It's great to see teachers on here. they can have such a huge influence!

  2. What a good list! I've had teachers in school who, because they believed in me, inspired me to follow my dreams.

  3. This is a great list :) I put teachers on my list too--their praise has such a huge effect!

  4. Alicia Gregoire: Thank you!

    Chelsey: Teachers can be wonderful :)

    Tracey Neithercott: I hope our teachers know how inspiring they are :)

    Rachel Searles: Their praise and their passion were fantastic.

  5. great list!! Extra cookies for mentioning Philip Pullman

  6. Love this! What would we do without the teachers who believe in us! Good luck!

  7. Great list... have you told them? I once wrote a letter to a senior teacher of mine (10 years later) thanking her and she replied saying it was only the second she'd ever received!

  8. Marilyn Almodóvar: Extra cookies? Yum! Pullman's amazing, isn't he?

    danaalisonlevy: Thank you!

    beck nicholas: That's such a great idea. I wish I could do that with mine, but all of them have moved onto other schools.


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