Imagination Adaptation

I am extremely lucky to work in childcare and spend every day remembering what it was like to get completely caught up in imaginative play as a child.  The children declare themselves to be superheroes (Ben 10, Batman and Spider-Man are extremely popular with my 3-4 year old boys), and off they go, shouting "I'll rescue you!" and all manner of sound-effects.  It's wonderful to watch children learn through play and it's one of the best parts of my day job.

My day job also involved completing enough assessments to fill this file....

Do you remember how you used to play as a child? Different worlds appeared before your eyes and you threw yourself into them as though they were real life.

I like to think being a writer is an extension of my childhood play.  All the energy I used to put into play I now channel into creating worlds with words.  I'm creating my own heroes and villains and having a lot of fun.  There's one idea I've had since the age of nine I might be able to do something with one day.  It's always been there, slowly cooking.

What are your best memories of childhood games? Are you writing a story taken directly from childhood play?


  1. That's how I feel about the arts in general!

    People (or, some people) seem to think that imagination and creativity are childish things that we should grow out of as we age. But I think it's the opposite. We mature, and our sense of imagination matures with us, but keeping it is so important! Even if you're not a writer or artist or whatever.

    One of my best memories of a childhood game... a friend and I would ride our bicycles all over the place pretending that they were horses. The things we forced those bikes to go over (you know, horses can jump... bicycles can't, but that didn't stop us!) kind of make me wonder now how we didn't break our necks. ;)

  2. Laura: Nothing annoys me more than hearing creativity is childish. Really? Then stop reading, don't watch films and defintely don't listen to music because all of those things must be too childish.

    Oh my gosh, that's such an awesome game! Cuteness!


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