First Target, and Coming Soon!

I have successfully cut 10,000 words from my manuscript.  Another 5,000 and it will finally be within YA word limits.

I'm beating it into shape!

And yes, novels have word limits.  Check this really helpful post at The Swivet to see how your work compares.

It might sound crazy to cut so many words and still have so many to go, but it's for the best.  Padding out a plot slows everything down and bores the reader.  I've removed entire chapters and made plenty of cuts through sentence restructuring.  I'm aiming for the 75,000 mark by the end of this draft, but I'll settle for anything below 80,000.


I'm going to have a series of posts next week about getting started.  Hand-writing scenes, starting on a computer, where to write, when to write etc... If there's anything in particular you'd like me to address, please leave a comment!


  1. I have never even thought about the idea that there are word count limits for certain kinds of books before! Huh. It all makes perfect sense, and I guess I knew that the different genres usually have different lengths, but I never knew there was a word count average for each!


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