I want to set myself a deadline: finish this edit by June 22nd. Why then? I'm flying out to the US on the 23rd and staying there for a month. I want to stick my manuscript on my ebook reader and read it over during my Transatlantic flight.

The problem with deadlines is sometimes you don't reach them and it can be disheartening.  However, deadlines are also really motivating and hitting them feels great! I like drawing lines through things I've done.  It makes my day job a lot easier and my writing too.

How do you feel about deadlines?


  1. I like deadlines!

    You're coming to the US for a month YAAAAYYYYYY!!! Best of luck finishing the edit by then!

    Dude, one day OTHER people will be able to read your novel on long flights! AWESOME.

  2. Laura: I like deadlines too. I was so good at sticking to them in school and university!

    Two weeks and six days to go!!!!!!!

    Thinking that people will take my book on a flight one day is so exciting!


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