Editing is about lots of things.  Deleting, rewriting, adding in, shifting stuff around.  There's a lot to do.

Here's my experience of scribbling out lots and lots and lots of words.

As I edited, there were parts I absolutely loved that turned out to be obsolete.  The red pen got to work erasing everything.  I'm keeping deleted scenes on my computer because they could work elsewhere in the trilogy.

There were sections that didn't work because of earlier changes.  This is when a notebook with lots of reminders came in really useful! I adapted what I could and deleted plenty that I couldn't.

Mostly I deleted crazy amounts of unnecessary words.  The older the work, the wordier it was.  I considered myself to be a to-the-point writer... yeah, not so much.  I'll give you an example taken from my manuscript:

The darkness rushed in, shadows creeping over every surface became Shadows crept in. 

The original sentence doesn't even make sense! How can something rush and creep at the same time? ARGH! I kept "crept" because I think it adds to the tension of the scene.

That's probably one of the better examples.  My ego can't handle sharing anything worse.

Although I've had to cut things I like, I'm really relishing it because every cut means my manuscript is becoming less of a draft and more of the real thing.

The journey continues...

It's a lovely path I'm walking right now!


  1. It's all going to be worth it when your book is on shelves at book stores around the world!! :D Also, excellent idea to keep bits that you're cutting out just in case they fit in later!

  2. Laura: My book alongside your best-selling photography books ;)


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