Why.  I get asked this question a lot at work... but that's because I work with preschool children and everything is why.  Here's a typical conversation I might have:

Child: Why are you writing?

Me: So I can tell your mummy and daddy what you've done today.

Child: Why?

Me: Your mummy and daddy like to know!

Child: Why?

Me: [internal dialogue: OH NO! ANOTHER CHILD FALLS VICTIM TO THE WHY PHASE!] I'm paid to do this.

Child: Why?

Me: [internal dialogue: give up now.  Just stop.  We're stuck in a loop] Because I am. [DAMNIT!]

Child: Why?

Me: Because.

Child: ...Why?

Me: Just go and play.

Child: Okay!

Ah, the day job.

But why do I write? It's who I am.  I breathe, eat, sleep and write.  I think there are things we're all born to love.  I love to create.  My brain is wired to dream up stories.  Whether or not I get published (and I really hope I do!), I'll always write because I absolutely cannot stop.  It's a part of me.

As is my Starbucks habit

Last chance for London photo requests! I'll check my blog before I go in the morning, so be sure to let me know! Streets, landmarks, shops... if it's in Central London, I'll do my best to get a photo for you!


  1. I love when you do something that feels so much a part of you that you lose everything else about you in it and you are so in that exact moment that it's like nothing else exists. Best. feeling. ever.

    I can't wait see whatever you capture of that gorgeous city! :D Have fun & safe travels!!

  2. Jaffa: Becaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause!

    Laura: Writing is me. I write. You take awesome photos. Neither of us can be any other way.

    London photos coming tomorrow!


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