Weekend Goals

Thanks to the Royal Family, I have another four day weekend ahead of me.  Yes, I shall spend tomorrow morning glued to BBC One, but after that? This weekend is going to be the big editing PUSH.  I want to finish reading through my manuscript and breaking it into chapters.  After that, it'll be time to start tackling the BIG plot issues and smoothing over where old doesn't quite match new. 

That's my weekend plan.  How about you? And who's going to be watching the Royal Wedding?

In the meantime, check out this Royal Wedding.  How awesome would it be if this happened tomorrow?


  1. I am totally getting up at 4am to watch it live. Not ashamed.

    They *should* do that at the wedding tomorrow! I say weddings should always be that amazing, because isn't it supposed to be a super happy day?

    Good luck with the EPIC EDIT thing weekend!! :D

  2. Laura: We totally have to Facebook each other the whole way through, okay? I'm so excited to see Catherine's dress!!!

  3. YES! Sounds like a plan to me! :D


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