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Okay, I promised to explain my love of old Underground and railway posters and guess what, it ties in with writing!

I love old advertising, pretty much all of it, but especially Underground and steam railway posters from the 1920s and 1930s.  The detail and care put into the art is astonishing, but everything tells a story.  When I look at the images, I see a world almost like the one I live in, but not quite.

These are railway posters for Brighton, but the town in these images doesn't really exist any more.  My Brighton is not the Brighton of the 20s and 30s.  Looking at those posters, don't you just want to be there?

London transport posters are fantastic too.  I went to the London Transport Museum on Friday and took about a hundred photos of various posters.  Here's one of my favourites:

I find this so inspiring.  I just want to tell this poster's story.  I love it!

Here's my desk:


Those two framed images are adverts from the 1950s. Yeah, I love them too! I bought them a few weeks ago, same as the San Francisco ad down to the left.  Cool, no? The book you can see is a collection of Underground posters (love!) and there are a few postcars there too.  All the images inspire me so much.  They're a door to the past, a world not quite ours any more.  I'm going to write about that lost world...

...And yeah, okay, my desk is no longer tidy.  Even my pinboard is busier...


Yeah, I work in that ^^;


  1. I looooooove those Brighton posters!

    I love stuff in that theme, too.

    Like the Amtrak & National Parks posters here:

    There were some like that at the airport the last time I was there - taped up on all the construction - and I meant to ask someone where they came from but forgot! Argh!

    I also love posters or postcards for fake places (or places you can't actually go, like the other planets), like these:

    I think they're genius! If I could draw, I'd draw things just like that. You could totally have those on the wall and it would take people a second to figure out that they weren't real places.

    I like your messy desk. It suits you! :D

  2. Ah, I was hoping it would make those into clickable links. Does HTML work? Let me try...

    First link from my previous comment.

    Second link from my previous comment.



    I have that postcard of Alcatraz! It's currently in a book... I just can't remember which one. I love the simplistic and bold style.

    Those fake travel posters are AWESOME. They remind me of our Epcot experience ;)


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