There are VOICES in my HEAD!

I had a perfectly nice post ready to go, but as I drove home my two lead characters started talking in my head and, after scribbling down what they said, I figured I'd blog about that instead!

Do you ever get that, when two characters just start chatting away in your head? It's awesome (if a little frustrating when I'm driving and cannot write), and is often the way I move a story on when the characters and plot are established.  Even if the conversation they have doesn't make it into the final version, it'll get me thinking about something that has to happen.

Do you all hear voices? More often than not, my ideas come in scenes, but it's quite entertaining when characters argue in my head!

To make up for the lack of a photo, have the song I had on in the car instead.  It's very, very good:


  1. Such a fab album. Love it like woah.

  2. Jaffa: It's pretty amazing. This has to be my favourite track, although "Howl" is also epic.

  3. Yes, yes my characters have conversations without me ALL THE TIME. Happily, I don't drive these days very much, but I do find myself having to wake myself up right when I'm on the edge of sleep to get the best bits down before I lose consciousness. That's a pain. But all, ultimately, worth it. Saves me from a lot of hard work.

  4. AKG: I too have sacrificed sleep, but thankfully I got into the habit of keeping a pen and notebook by my bed.


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