Sunday Inspiration

Today is a little less about creative inspiration and a bit more about getting-to-work inspiration!

Watching the Brighton Marathon runners today was inspiring.  Running 26 miles takes serious dedication.  I saw three people in various states of collapse.  One guy was still trying to run as he passed out.  Thankfully, two people grabbed him and got him to safety!

You can't help but be inspired by people willing to put themselves through something like that.  I admire them, and their determination made me even more determined to achieve my goals.

I also find walking into a bookshop hugely inspiring.  If all of those authors can do it, so can I!

Oasis' Morning Glory.  This is my fight song ;)


  1. Seriously! It's such an impressive physical and mental challenge. Very inspiring!

    You ARE doing it! And then we'll be walking into a bookstore and seeing your book there!! :D I will be dragging every person I know to the nearest bookstore to show them. THIS IS COLE'S BOOK, PEOPLE. IN THE BOOKSTORE!

  2. Laura: The craziest part is watching them made me want to run a marathon ^^;

    I can't wait to go into a Barnes and Noble with you and see my book on the shelf!


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