Seat of the Pants!

Seat of the pants writing is, for me, really exciting. Inspiration triggers an idea, then I write whatever comes into my head. Everything's coming at once, and it flows out onto the page. This way works for me, I HAVE A MANUSCRIPT TO PROVE IT, although I can't say yet if it'll work for an agent or a publisher!

Said manuscript is also going to require a lot of editing.


My new project is working itself out as I write. I have the central theme written on a post-it, just so I don't forget it. When I was originally inspired, the idea that came about was a scene from the middle of the story. Getting to it is going to be interesting!

Writing without a plan doesn't mean never getting stuck. When I get stuck, I get away and let the idea brew until inspiration strikes. This is usually either in the shower or in the middle of my work day... not perfect, but better than nothing!

How about you? Does seat of the pants work for you, or do you love following a plan?

...You know, I call it "seat of the pants" but that, to my English sensibilities, suggests I sit around in my underwear as I write...


  1. Sometimes I write like that but I call it the "Finding Forrester" writing style because I remember watching that film and the author guy was all, "Just write! Don't worry about mistakes, WRITE!"

    The most planning that I do are these outlines that look more like grocery lists, haha. And when I do some actual writing, I have to do it in separate sections then go back and arrange the events in chronological order.

  2. Angie: Worry about mistakes later. That's my style too ^_^

  3. That's how I write... I just let it flow out of me and I go back and edit. I will occasionally make a list or a little note of something to include later, but I almost never use any kind of outline.

    Also, you should totally get a pen made with that "Miss Cole" on it... I thought that's what it was for just a second!

  4. Laura: Notes-to-self are essential.

    I would LOVE to have all my pens personalised... When I'm published, maybe I will! "The Miss Cole brand of pens, for all your editing needs".


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