Saturday Exercises

In Brighton, I drive past a beach bootcamp for crazy fit people every Saturday...

...No, I am not going to preach the importance of exercise.  I'm far too lazy!

Instead, I'm going to use Saturdays to post a variety of writing exercises.  Hopefully, something will get you writing!

Today, I'm going to use a very common exercise.  You've probably done it before, but it's a really good way to write realistic emotions.

Let's say I want to write a scene in which my character has to go somewhere for the first time and is very nervous.  I can channel a variety of memories into this scene to make it feel real.  I can think of my first day at senior school, my first job interview, my first day at a new job... By remembering how I felt, I can make what my character feels more believable.

The memory doesn't even have to be directly related to the story.  Maybe you're writing about a character breaking their arm, something you've never experienced.  Think of another pain you've felt and consider how it could work.

Writing from personal experiences doesn't mean you're writing a biography.  Our own lives are full of experiences we can adapt and use creatively.  Just be careful when revisiting particularly bad memories. You don't want to upset yourself, even if you really want to engage with the emotions for the sake of your writing.

Happy Saturday Writing!


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