Saturday Exercises - Get a Photo, Tell its Story

Wahey! What a perfect way to use all my London photos!

Use photos for inspiration, to create a believable location, to develop a character's appearance... Anything at all!

If I get stuck, I find a photo and tell its story.  It's also the reason I'm obsessed with railway posters, but I'll get to that another day... Monday maybe! ^_^

So, here's a few photos to inspire you!

My friend, Laura, also asked for a photo of how I feel being in London. As I walked around taking photos, I thought about this long and hard.  The thing I love about London is how history stands next to the modern day.  I know this is true about many cities around the world, but London is special to me because it's the capital of my country and its history is mine.  London lives and breathes and grows, but at the same time it's an antique.  It moves into the future while protecting its past.  What photo did I take?

If I ever find a replica of this poster, I WILL HAVE IT!


  1. LOVE these! Amazing job with the last photo! ♥ Thanks so much for humoring me with that!! That's what I love about cities, too... you can be in history in the modern day, but without it being forced.

    I like how in the one with the photo booths everyone is walking away. Somehow that makes it better than if someone had been walking toward you. I think it's because they're faceless.

    THE BRIDGE! Love it! :D

    I love that one with all the flags! Is that all for the royal wedding? But even without those flags, that would be a great "this is London" shot. It just IS.

    Great shots! How did you find your Canon on its first major city photo shoot?

  2. Laura: I'm so glad you liked these!

    I took the phone box photo because there was a long line of them! It's Whitehall. It's got to be the only place left in the country with so many in one place.

    I wanted to go up the bridge to take photos for you, but unfortunately I got there too late. Next time!

    The flags are for the Royal Wedding. It's Regent Street.

    My Canon LOVED it. It gave me a chance to play with the settings (as I am very attached to the AV setting ^^;) It's exactly why I got it, and I can't wait to get some more lenses.


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