RTW - My Best Scar

I thought I'd take part in this week's YA Highway RTW because this is actually a rather random story in my life.

While it isn't particularly graphic, might wanna skip if you're squeamish.

When I was three, we had a sofa that had partially collapsed.  Mum used to cover it with a blanket, but one Saturday morning, as I watched cartoons with my older brothers, I sat on the DOOMED CHAIR with my foot tucked down one side.  When I moved my foot, I caught it on a nail and pulled.

All I really remember after that is my dad holding my foot over the sink and blood washing down the drain.  In my memory it's a lot of blood! 

I have a scar running from the skin between my little and second little toes to a third of the way down my left foot.  The scar has been there ever since and when you run your finger over it, its a raised bump.

I suppose I should give all of my characters wicked scars too ;)

Midweek Motivator coming later!


  1. Ooooooooouch! Poor little Cole!

  2. Okay, so I am squeamish, but I didn't heed your warning and now I wish I had! Eeeee! That must've been pretty traumatic for a kid!

  3. Okay, so far you win for most painful scar memory.

    Oh, and I ALWAYS cut myself while shaving without glasses. It's like shaving while blind for me, a dangerous combination.


    I still cut myself shaving and don't even wear glasses, if it makes you feel better.

  5. Oh, you totally reminded me of the 1.5 inch crescent-shaped scar on the bottom of my foot, from broken glass. How could I have forgotten that one?

    And isn't it great character fodder to have scars and the memories of them (like the blood, etc) to recycle into stories?

  6. Yikes! That would have scarred me for life!

    You're the second person that talked about characters' scars - hmmmmm. Brain is churning.

  7. Laura: Thankfully, little Cole has become Big Miss Cole with a Cool Scar Story ;)

    Abby Stevens: I don't really remember! It's really strange how I only remember the event and the sink afterwards!

    Tracey Neithercott: I am essentially blind without my glasses, so when I sliced my ankle open a few years back, I found myself wondering what the blurry red splotch on my leg was ^^;

    Kate Hart: Shaving is dangerous!

    Angelica R Jackson: OW! Oh my gosh, glass in foot ow ow ow. I shall be hopping in sympathy! And yes, scars are such a good way into a character's backstory.

    KO: The Insect Collector: It's definitely one of the more interesting stories of my life ;)

    Alison Miller: Thankfully it happened when I was so young I really don't remember much. The only scar is the physical one!

  8. Alicia Gregoire: It's a wee bit gross, yes!


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