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This week's subject at YA Highway is one I love to blog about - the music I write with. Today I'll be more specific to my novel!

Mumford and Son's To Darkness sums up my novel perfectly.  The song's pacing is perfect for it and some of the lyrics suit how my lead feels (not that she'd ever admit it!)

A fantastic piece from the third Doctor Who soundtrack sums up my lead character's personal struggles very well too.



Any other music-related-to-my-manuscript you'd like to hear? I have a lot.


  1. It'll take me a couple listens to absorb the lyrics (I'm terribly distractible), but I am so pleased to be introduced to a new M&S EP! If this is the combo your WIP manages, you can count me among your future readers!

    Plus, who can go wrong with an ode to Gallifrey? Even though I am MORE than happy to have Matt Smith (miss Tennant though I may).

  2. Oh my goodness I love that last one. I hadn't heard that before, but it's going on my list of non-distracting songs to listen to while writing.

  3. ooooh, i like that last one. never heard it before. thanks for that! :)

  4. Ooh I haven't heard either of these songs. *listens*

  5. The music question is really fun, isn't i? That Dr. Who song is great, lots of tension!

  6. "Not that she'll ever admit it."

    My MC has some issues like that, too!

  7. Came over from YA Highway. Love your choices! The second one is so dramatic and tense. Bet your book is the same!

  8. AKG: I'm not sure if the EP is available outside the UK yet but you have to get your hands on it. The music is amazing. It's not all M&S, but it's all beautiful. I really hope my story pulls it off!

    I really like Matt Smith and think he's brilliant, but my heart will always belong to Ten ^_^

    Thanks for swinging by!

    Tracey Neithercott: The composer is Murray Gold. You need to hear "The Greatest Story Never Told" and "The Doctor's Theme (Series 4)" too. Absolutely amazing.

    Karla Nellenbach: You're most welcome! It's a very good piece from a talented composer :D

    Kaitlin Ward: They're wonderful pieces and sound nothing alike! I hope they inspire you too!

    Stephanie S. Kuehn: It's a great question, I love it! And yes, it's a great piece from Doctor Who. The 2005 series has so many amazing pieces to choose from, but this piece suits my novel the best.

    Abby Stevens: That's what makes MCs so engaging, don't you think? :)

    Becky Wallace: Nice to see you here, thanks for coming by! I really hope my story can live up to this amazing music.

  9. umm, nice, and I miss David Tennant too. I miss the Donna Noble character even more!

  10. LOVE Mumford & Sons but don't know that song. Is it new? I must find it! Also, I miss Tennant so much. He'll always be *my* Doctor.

  11. KO: The Insect Collector: I miss Donna too! She was fantastic, wasn't she?

    Megan: It's an collaborative EP that came out last year. And you summed it up perfectly about David Tennant.


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