New Beginnings

Today I started a new story.  It's totally unrelated to the one I'm about to start editing.  It was so fun to delve into a new character and let him tell me what to do.  I expected him to be kinda cool, but he's decided to be a tad clumsy.  Also, male lead! I mostly read male leads, so it's time I wrote one!

I don't know how I'll find the shift back to my manuscript, but I'm sure I'll find a way to handwrite one and edit the other :)

I love starting a new story! You get all the buzz and excitement of the adventure you and your characters are about to take.  Whether or not this story works out isn't an issue at the moment.  I'm just going to have fun!

Here's a photo of the first place to get me thinking about this story.  If you ever get a chance to visit Muir Wood outside San Francisco, you have to go!

Bad photo from a bad camera.  Apologies!


  1. Omg, it's so werid that you post this, because today I'm getting started on a story with a male lead. lol funny. But I've never read a story with a male lead except Harry Potter and I'm only on the second book. ^^; This is going to be kinda hard. Lol good luck with your new story! :)

    *~` `~*

  2. I second the VISIT MUIR WOODS sentiment! Those redwood trees are just insane. It is absolutely dreamy there.

    Hopefully this new story will be a welcome break from your manuscript novel for now! :D

  3. Rockie: Other than the female lead in Across the Universe, it's been *years* since I read a book without a male lead. I think that's why I decided to have a female lead in my last book.

    Laura: I want to go back with my Canon. That little black camera I took there was AWFUL!

    I'm hoping writing will distract me from wanting to edit!


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