Midweek Motivator

Scroll dooooooooooown for my YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday post! But stop here for a moment and listen to some motivating music!

Today's choice? The Rolling Stones! Thank my dad ;)

My favourite:

Paint it Black.  Thanks for the literal interpretation, video uploader!

And just because it's timelessly cool:

Gimme Shelter.

Speaking of literal interpretations (and this has nothing to do with anything, but I like to share funny stuff), enjoy the following:

The Original, in case you want to hear some awesome 80s music today... which you should, because for everything the 80s did wrong, music was one thing they definitely got right!



  1. Was just commenting on the RTW and saw this. My dad introduced me to The Rolling Stones too. :) I horrified him by preferring The Beatles, but I still love the Stones.

  2. Megan: I think there must be a Dad Rule somewhere that says "Introduce Children to AWESOME music" ;)

  3. I have always been more of a Beatles/Aerosmith fan than a Stones fan, but I LOVE Take on Me, and I LOVE those literal song videos on YouTube (especially Total Eclipse of the Heart!).

  4. Abby Stevens: I love the Total Eclipse of the Heart video too. It goes to show how little sense some music videos make!


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