Midweek Motivator!

I'm finding it soooooo hard to not dive into editing my novel, but I'm determined to take a break so I have a fresh mindset when I go back to it.  I was going to hold out to the Royal Wedding (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LONG WEEKEND!), but I think I'll probably get back to work at Easter.

However, I am about to get started onto a new project! I've had the idea floating around since I went to Muir Woods in 2007, and it hit me again when I went to Puzzle Wood last year.  Today's piece of music makes me think of the story.  Maybe it will inspire you too.

Nice and mysterious!


  1. I have a week off of school which I intended to spend editing my novel, but I'm not getting very far. I have a major philosophic change to make and it's slowing me down. Though it must occur.

    I'll go back at it tomorrow.

  2. Wow, I'm going through the same thing too! I'm dying to edit my MS, but I need this break. It's so hard though. TT^TT

    Nice song! :)

    *~` http://rockielove.blogspot.com/ `~*

  3. Jacqui: Good luck! I hope you can get everything finished!

    Rockie: It is hard! I just want to get it into shape, but I know I have to take a step back.

    Glad you like the song!

  4. Muir Woods! ♥ I could have stayed there for the rest of my life. So dreamy. I bet your story will be just as great! :D

  5. Laura: I know! Sooo beautiful. I vote we go back ;)


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