Listen With Miss Cole - Week Three

Title Adapted from Listen With Mother

I first heard of Michael Giacchino through Alias.

Amazing TV show with some really awesome music.

However, I really fell in love with Giacchino in 2009, because he made awesome pieces of music like this one:

Star Trek is one of my favourite films of all time, but what really, really, really gives this film its power is the soundtrack.  If you haven't watched it, get it now.  If Star Trek isn't your thing, just listen to this beautiful music instead.

...For when your characters need to make a big decision.

...When tragedy strikes.

...Because, although the Star Trek theme is not Giacchino's, the majority of this EPIC WIN piece is and its so grand and sweeping and ooooh I LOVE it!

So, that's an introduction to Giacchino.  Aaaaah, my ears are so happy!


  1. A talented man, indeed! Alias, Lost, Star Trek, Fringe, The Incredibles... all memorable music! :D

  2. Up, too~ The montage to "Married Life" just wouldn't be the same without his music. :)

  3. Laura: Memorable indeed! I can't wait to hear more from him!

    Angie: I have yet to sit through Up based on everyone telling me they sob through it ^^;


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