Listen With Miss Cole - Week Four

Title Adapted from Listen With Mother

This will be my last composer post.  Today I'm going with a group, rather than single person, known as Two Steps From Hell.

I've spoken about them before and linked to their site in my links page.  I've also posted some of their music.  It's awesome, by the way.  They specialise in film trailer music, so some of what I'll post today will sound familiar.

Here's a selection covering a range of emotions or scenes.  Hopefully, I've never linked to these before!

The journey begins... but not all is as simple as it seems.

The mystery deepens.


The hero is preparing to defeat the BIG BAD!

It's a long piece, but its beautiful and relaxing and a nice way to chill after the big battle.

Two Steps From Hell has SO much to offer.  Only a handful of tracks are available on iTunes because they don't sell commercially, but you can hear preeeeeetty much everything on YouTube.



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