Ideas on Hold

Ideas are funny things. Sometimes you have to work with them straight away. Other times, you have to sit on them for a while, and that "while" can be weeks or years.

My manuscript was an idea I started writing as soon as inspiration struck. Granted, the idea I had in 2003 is nothing like the story I have now, but I wrote it straight away... over several loooooooooong years.

My manuscript in its new home!

My new project is an idea I had in 2007, and I have two other ideas currently existing solely as post-it notes. I suppose I could multi-task and dedicate different days to different ideas, but that's too messy even by my standards.

I like to think if writing was my full-time job, I'd crank out ideas in a matter of months. In reality, I'm easily distracted! I like to have ideas in storage. When I read Stephen King's Under the Dome last year, he had an author's note in the back explaining how he'd started writing the book in the 1970s and abandoned it for thirty years!

My advice? NEVER throw an idea away. You never know when it might eventually work!

In other news, the following advert reflects quite nicely on an aspect of my day job!


  1. Dang, Stephen King, 30 years! That's crazy!

    But definitely solid advice - don't discard an idea just because you can't (or don't want to) carry it forward yet. It's fun to return to old ideas when you're ready! And who knows, when you're ready for it you may end up with something even more amazing than if you had written it when the idea came to you!

  2. Laura: I know! That's more years than we've been alive! Impressive time to have an idea nibbling away at the back of your mind.

    And yes, sometimes a little age and wisdom can make an idea you had in your teens or twenties really shine later on in life.


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