Ideas Away

I like to think ideas for amazing stories lurk in every day life.  Keep an eye out! You never know what might inspire you.

When you go away, for work or on holiday, you should be even more prepared for inspiration to strike.  Whether it's a different part of your country or on the other side of the world, something there is sure to inspire you.  Be ready to capture it with a camera or with a note scrawled on whatever piece of paper you have on you...

...Wait.  No.  Scrawl it down in the NOTEBOOK YOU SHOULD CARRY CONSTANTLY!


I plan to visit inspiring sites when I go away.  I also take a camera and take pictures of things I want to look back on later and think "that might be a good location for this plot" or "I wonder what would it would be like if an Event of DOOM happened here?"

Yes, an Event of DOOM.  I like lots of DOOM in my stories!

The end of the world starts here, in Boone, North Carolina.

For infinitely better photos of Boone, North Carolina, without the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme scrawled across them, please visit The Photographic World of Laura Kitto In fact, if you need some visual inspiration, Laura's photography is sure to work! (Thanks for the e, Laura!)

I'm also heading to London on Friday, so let me know if there are any places you'd like to see a photo of and I'll do my best to capture one! Get your requests in now! No, this is not the day of the Royal Wedding, so no requests beyond Buckingham Palace, okay? ^_^

Grab your holiday snaps and get inspired!


  1. Wha—? Thank you!! ♥ I am now blushing like a crazy person.

    Boone (there's an "e" on the end!) was amazing, wasn't it? We had the perfect weather! :D THAT BRIDGE! How I adore that bridge. A very inspirational place, for sure!

    Speaking of super inspirational places... London! There's so much history around you in that city that it's kind of impossible not to just be like THIS IS LONDON MY MIND IS EXPLODING! Or maybe that's just I-always-imagine-what-has-happened-here me. :p The Tower Bridge is gorgeous (I have a thing for bridges, I guess!), so I'll request that! Or what about Westminster Abbey? That would give you a little bit of a royal wedding vibe, right? ;) Or maybe try to take a photo that you feel really captures how YOU feel being in London. That's more abstract, but I find that it's kind of fun (if hugely frustrating sometimes...)!

  2. Laura: Spelling corrected!

    You'll be happy to hear I'll be making a list of places so Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey added! And a photo of how I feel while being in London? Oooooh nice! I shall do my best, ma'am!


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