Get Ready...

Temptation grows stronger.  I want to edit! But I sat myself down and worked on my new project instead.

However, I did prepare some editing tools.

I like to have multiple colours. I might colour theme certain types of edits or just alternate colours to stop myself from getting bored of one after a while.

I'll definitely use a single colour to indicate chapter breaks.  It'll get confusing otherwise.

...I have no idea how I'm going to hold out 'til Easter weekend before I start editing... But I will take this break.  It'll work out better in the long run, I'm sure.


  1. Your manuscript is going to be so pretty! :D I love the colored pens!!

  2. My manuscript keeps whispering to me. "Work on me. Make me shiny!" I don't think I'll make it to Easter ^^;


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