I'm feeling a little bereft tonight. I just finished reading the Alex Rider series and I'm quite sad to know his story is over.  I love going on a journey with a character, especially one whose journey has taken a decade, and coming to the conclusion was both exciting and very sad.

(This blog isn't about reviewing or dishing out spoilers, so that's all I have to say...

...Except to add if you haven't read Alex Rider, DO IT NOW!)

Everything has to end.  I knew how my novel was going to finish almost as soon as I started, and I also have a pretty good idea of how the whole trilogy will end.  For someone who doesn't tend to plan, I think I've done quite well!

Getting to the end is one thing.  Getting it right is totally different. I hope the ending of the first book will stick.  I was determined to give it a solid conclusion, despite knowing the characters' stories will continue.  I don't want readers to feel cheated - yeah, you got to the end of the book but have a huge cliffhanger!

I really wanted my first book to finish with the majority of the craziness totally concluded, and I think I've managed it.  The loose ends are vague hints, things to be explored later on.  The second book will have the evil cliffhanger (I've already written it!), and the third will bring things to a tidy(ish) conclusion.

As for how to write an ending, I don't think there are rules like "the big bad gets destroyed then the last chapter has to have a happy ending!" I do believe the central dramatic scene shouldn't have too much after it, but however you end it, consider making your readers feel like it was worth reading the whole thing and, if you are setting up for a sequel or continuation, create a pull as powerful as the opening line!

In other news, just printed out my manuscript.


I've only been done for a day, but I already sorted a plot issue in my head at work ^^; Notes have been made, no editing has commenced.  I will take a break!


  1. It is definitely sad when you come to the end of a series. You get so invested in the characters and then it's done and you can't spend more time with them, so to speak. I usually kind of miss them!

    I love the hugeness of that manuscript! And it will be awesome to have it - all marked up - to look back on once your final version is published! :D

  2. Laura: I'm always hungry for more, but it's always good for things to end on a high, and that series did.

    My printer didn't love the hugeness! Hee, and it will be awesome to keep it next to the real thing one of these days ^^

  3. Whoa, lots of paper!! :)

    Oh, endings... so bittersweet. While reading all you want to do is get there, but once you're there you're sad it's over.

  4. That is huge, and that is awesome!!

    I am always really sad at the end of a series, almost like people I know have died somehow. It's odd, and probably a bit frightening, but I get really invested in characters in books and when the series ends and I cannot have any more I feel sad like my best friend moved away and I can't see them anymore. I think this makes me odd. LoL!

    But, I cannot wait to read yours! :)

  5. Gracie: A looooooot of paper! And you're right: endings are very bittersweet.

    angel5000: Nice to see you here ^_^ And it is sad when you can't follow a character's story any more. I'm not sure how I'll feel when the character in this book finally has nothing left to do.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me! :D


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