Word Count Saturday and Resisting the RED PEN


Target for next week: 90,000

The draft is currently too long for a YA novel, but I know there's lots to cut and improve...

...Speaking of cutting, my red pen has started whispering to me...

I know, I know, I know I have to type my novel up in its entirety before I start editing, but it's getting so tempting now I'm closing in on the end.  BUT I WILL RESIST.  I'm making notes of things to add, change or rethink as I go, but I'm focusing on completion rather than perfection for now.  I am editing as I go from what I've hand-written to what I'm typing, but it is so tempting to rewrite huge chunks of old bits.

I just keep telling myself how awesome it'll be to have the whole thing typed up rather than just handwritten in three notebooks.

Almost there! My deadline has been set!

Ooh, and how do you all like the spring-time layout? Please let me know if you find anything too hard to see!


  1. Yay! I like the reward for finishing the first draft! :D Cupcakes as motivation!

    Everything on the lovely new spring layout looks good and readable to me!

  2. Oooh, cupcakes. nom nom tasty. Go go writing!

    Spring layout is pretty, m'yes.

  3. Laura: I firmly believe in spoiling myself when I get stuff done ;)

    Angie: Go writing for sure!

    I'm glad you both like the layout :D It has cherry blossoms!!

  4. OMG - I have two handwritten - never did type them - hope you get it done. I do wonder - do you not like to type them on the computer - I used to do it because I had no choice but I would never now ---- course we won't mention my Quill obsession ---lol

  5. HowLynnTime: Hand-writing the whole thing just sort of happened! It was easier to take my notebooks around with me, especially to work.


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