Sunday Inspiration

How goes the writing everyone? Allow me to offer some inspiration!

Every story needs a quiet moment, whether it's the calm before the storm or at the end of a struggle.

Is something coming, or has something ended?

(I can't wait for my copy of this soundtrack to arrive!!)

Calm moments give you, your readers and the characters a chance to gather energy for the next showdown. Don't be afraid to take a break from the action - your readers won't get bored.


  1. Beautiful photo! ♥ I love the simplicity, and I love that the horizon line is a bit darker than the sky so you can clearly see where the water and sky split! Sometimes on a cloudy day it all just blurs together out there. Very nice!

  2. Laura: We've had a lot of skies like that but now spring is coming, the weather is finally looking better!!! I'm so glad you like the photo :D


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