Something For When You're Stuck!

Some people never get stuck.  They're lucky.

I have a few coping mechanisms for when my brain smacks into a block and refuses to be peeled off easily.

1) Music.

Okay, okay, I know I never shut up about music + me = happy writing, but what I mean here is writing the music.  For this, I use orchestral tracks or music in a language I don't speak (Hi there, J-Pop!) and write a scene suiting the emotion of the music.

It's a great way to get moving again.

2) Photos

Photos tell a thousand words? Sit there and write them!

Writing assignments due TOMORROW!

3) Leave it behind and do something else!

Go to the gym, play a videogame (GOLDENEYE, WOO!), read a book or spring clean.  Getting away and clearing your mind can be really helpful!


...I feel a sudden urge to design a banner for us to all wave...


  1. I really like the photo idea. Maybe because I love photos so much. ;) But also, I think getting away from it all together (Goldeneye indeed!!) is probably what works best for me. Cleaning is the best brainstorming time!

  2. I have seen so many photos and drawings as well that I feel inspired by! And music, of course. Both very good devices for getting unstuck.

  3. Laura: Your photos tell amazing stories because they're so beautiful!

    Gracie: They're my favourite "DEFEAT WRITER'S BLOCK!" methods :D Hopefully they'll work for others too.


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