My Other Writing Space

I talked about my writing space way back at the beginning.

I have another one.

Starbucks ;)

Desktop Wallpaper photo taken by one friend and edited by another.  Check Laura's awesome photography blog NOW!

I find it so nice to have no distractions, my iPod (that's my new one yay!) and a big warm drink.  If I'm struggling to work at home, I find it really helpful to get out of the house and go for a delicious hot chocolate.


  1. I adore these photos of your writing space! The whipped cream on your hot chocolate always looks to die for! Or maybe I'm just weird that way. ;)

    ♥ I love that photo. She took it one-handed (= WIN)! That was so fun!

    How's the new iPod working? :D

  2. Laura: I tend to keep my Starbucks tables tidier than my desk too ;)

    I love it too, hence it being my Little's wallpaper!

    The new iPod is awesome thank you, and its taking my heavy usage really well ^^


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