When I write from memories, it's not because I've lived the most action packed life but a way to connect to emotions.

I don't like to talk about my days as a child pilot

I was thinking of a moment from my childhood earlier. I can't remember all the details, just the moment of a sudden, nasty surprise. A white shirt had been outside for a long time and I decided to pick it up.  As I did, I saw it was covered in red ants.  Eeek! I dropped it very quickly! 

The best part of childhood memories is you forget the wider context and just remember the moment.  I still remember that horrible shock overriding my expectations.  It's a feeling I can translate into my writing.  Whenever I'm really struggling to capture a character's feelings, I look at my own memories and see if I can write from my own experience.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is such a cute photo! Where were you? You are rocking those butterflies!

    I love memories like that too. It's just a rush of emotion! I have a similar memory to those red ants... I picked up a blanket that had been on the ground in a barn for ages and there were tons of baby snakes under it! All I remember was the fear and running out of there at a speed that would put an Olympic sprinter to shame!

    Good tip to use those memories to help you describe emotions in your writing!

  2. Laura: Baby snakes beats red ants any day. I would have screamed the barn down. EYAH!

    In 1996 I was selected by the BBC for a segment in a magazine called "Dreams Come True" and spent the day with the local police. That picture was taken by the police helicopter, which I got to sit in too. I had an obsession with a TV show over here called "Bugs" and the police and the photographer let me look ultra high-tech...for the 90s anyway ;)


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