Listen With Miss Cole - Week Two

(Title Adapted from Listen With Mother)

Today's composer is Nobou Uematsu. He was the composer for the Final Fantasy series.  Over the years and soundtracks, no emotion has been left untouched.  His music is a writer's perfect companion. 

Friends have helped me compile this week's list.  I needed help narrowing my choices down! I managed to limit myself to a mere handful of tracks, and they are all available on iTunes.



Take your enemy down!

A calm and beautiful place.

Darkness gives way to hope.

You're not alone!

Time to save the world!

A happy ending.

This is such a tiny selection of Nobou Uematsu's music, and doesn't do the man justice.  I could probably dedicate a post a day to his work for a year and still fail to cover everything.  There is just so much and all of it will spark your imagination.  I'll definitely share more of his music with you in the future.

Enjoy and have a happy writing weekend!

ONE MORE! I CAN'T HELP MYSELF! Tifa's Theme.  Perfect for someone in love.


  1. I had never heard any of his work before - it is lovely! Quite a variety of emotion, for sure! :)

  2. Laura: And to think, this is barely scratching the surface. I have 160 pieces of his music in my iTunes and that's still nowhere near everything! I find his work so inspiring.


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