Inspired by Real Life Events?

So, today in my local area we had a bit of drama go down.  Obviously, this could have been a tragic situation but thankfully it wasn't.  But part of my mind seized part of this news story and I've tucked a note-to-self away for later reference.

If you're stuck, try reading the news. Maybe something happening in this crazy world will inspire you.  Cut out headlines or images from newspapers and keep them safe. 

Oh, and a totally random thought I had at work this morning: I feel like whenever character says "What's the meaning of this?" something really bad happens to them afterwards.  Is it just me, or has that become a phrase so cliched, you can no longer use it?

Happy Writing!


  1. Wow, that's crazy stuff! Glad nobody was hurt!

    Do you mean "what's the meaning of this?" as in "what is going on here?" or "what does it mean?" (cue double rainbow guy!)? I'd say either way, it does imply that something not-so-easy is coming soon. And generally, characters don't ask that question unless it DOES mean something, right? As in, it would be a bit silly to have a character go "oh my gosh, what does it mean?" and then it never means anything and it is never addressed. As a reader, that would just be annoying (hello, television show Lost...).

    Also, WHAT is that thing? A glittery snowman with a fluffy side ponytail?

  2. Laura: Yeah, pretty crazy huh?

    I'm talking about "What's the meaning of this?!". I feel it's almost become too common and too associated with something bad happening in the immediate aftermath that it's lost its power.

    It's a snowman! Made it at work at Christmas :D


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