Hard at work!

I'm closing in on my target :D Here's my current set-up:

I'm a multitasker!


  1. I love seeing your study/desk! :D Good to know that I am staring down at you while you write... mwahahaha! I say next you break out your Canon and make a little video tour of the room!

    What's your favorite kind of sushi? :)

    And dude, your laptop looks GIANT compared to your little! :D

  2. Laura: I like to imagine you're there to keep me organised ;)

    Oooh, I should make a video. *makes note*

    My FAVOURITE sushi is salmon nigiri - slices of salmon on sushi rice. I also love inari pockets (not really sushi) which are sweet pastry filled with sushi rice, tamago (sweet omlet) and horse radish. I'd NEVER eat horse radish if you handed me one, but mmmmmmmmmm inari pockets! Ooh, and hairy prawns - tried those for the first time last week. Oooh and teriyaki chicken. Lovely!

    I always forget how big my main laptop is until I've been using my little for a while. I love them both ^_^

  3. MMMM sushi. When I moved away from Okinawa I was sad, but then I moved to south Texas and the local grocery store here has a little sushiya in it which makes me happy (enough to overlook the price. >.>)

  4. Angie: Sushi is everywhere here, but the price is expensive. But who cares when it's so delicious!!


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